Mobile Locksmith Services In The Bay Area

If you need a mobile locksmith In the bay area, you have come to the correct place. Most people are more familiar with locksmiths as a person who can get them into their cars in a case where they get locked out or can’t find their keys, but we provide a lot more services than just those.

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What Mobile Locksmith Services Do You Provide?

Locksmiths offer a lot more variety of services and calling a mobile locksmith can be a lot more beneficial in saving you from lots of additional expenses that you might incur if you get a person doesn’t know what they’re doing.

We provide:

  • Auto or Home Lockout Assistance
  • Lock Installation
  • Lock Repair
  • Lock Replacement
  • Lock Rekey
  • Master Key System Setup
  • Mortise Lock Work
  • Panic Bars/Push Bars
  • File Cabinet Locks
  • Door Installation
  • Dead Bolt Installation And Repair
  • U-lock Cutting
  • And More!

What is a 24/7 Emergency Mobile Locksmith?

When we say a mobile locksmith, we imply a locksmith who moves from one location to another to perform any task required of him. A mobile locksmith is a professional who has been trained in the areas of assembling locks, repairing locks, making a new set of keys on the spot, etc. a mobile locksmith will need a license to work within the area they cover making them safe and reliable. They may also work for a known company in some cases.

What Is The Average Cost Of Hiring A Locksmith?

The price of a mobile locksmith may vary depending on the services you require. Basic services such as changing locks and gaining access to your car are usually cheaper than services which would involve installing biometric lock systems or a job which requires a mobile locksmith to drive out to a remote location. Emergency services such as after a burglary or forensic services may be more expensive than regular jobs also.

Common Questions About Auto Lockout Services

How long does it take us to get there?

Depending on our availability, we can have someone out there in less than an hour! We provide 24/7 fast emergency services to get your locks open as soon as possible. Our mobile Locksmiths are equipped to get you out of any problem, including getting locked out of your vehicle in a remote location. Our technicians are capable of responding to calls at any time of the day, because we understand that you may be in a state of emergency.

Does it cause any damage to my vehicle? 

Absolutely not! We practice professional locksmith best practices that will get you into your automobile with no damages or hassles

How much do car lockout services cost?

Most lockout services, either auto or home go for around $60- $120 in the bay area.

Does The Make And Model Of My Car Matter?

Yes, each car requires a slightly different approach to getting open. We will ask you for information about your car on the phone, we are able to open almost every type of lock!

What Is The Difference Between Rekeying A Lock And Replacing It?

Key In Lock

Rekeying a lock is a lot less intensive and can save you money if your current lock is still in decent shape. The process Involves changing the pins and springs inside of the lock to work with a new key rather than replacing the whole lock.

Many people are not familiar with this less expensive alternative to lock replacement, and in many cases it is a great way to go!

Modern Residential Locksmith Services

Providing advanced services like installing electronic locks or magnetic locks is now possible using a mobile locksmith. With advances in technology, they can provide a lot of different services. To provide improved security, a mobile locksmith can provide security services such as fingerprint readers on doors, gates and windows, intercoms, and safes. All these services are provided along with the regular lock picking services, replacement of locks and also cutting of keys. With this improved lock systems, it is possible to prevent any unwanted guest from entering into your home.

In a situation where a house has been burgled, it is important to call a locksmith to change the locks and also get information, if necessary, on how entry into the house was gained. Also in a case where you have been locked out of your car quite far away from home, calling a mobile locksmith can get you into your car is great.

Our Honest Flat-Rate Mobile Locksmith Pricing

Unfortunately, it is common practice in the locksmith industry to quote a price over the phone and then mark it up when the locksmith arrives. Do not believe the ridiculously priced advertisements some locksmiths run to get you to call them.

Instead of misleading you over the phone, we strive to provide the absolute most accurate quote we can, and we stick to it! Call us today for a free quote on any locksmith services you need in Milpitas, Cupertino, Willow Glen, or the surrounding bay area.